Avocados are offered to glue warning labels

Avocados are extremely useful and rich in vitamins and minerals. But in addition to its usefulness, the insidious fruit can inflict harm on a person.

British surgeons drew attention to the increased number of patients admitted to hospitals with cut wounds of their fingers. Affected unites one thing: they all cleaned or cut avocados. In some cases, unsuccessful cooks even lost the ability to manage the injured limb for the time of rehabilitation.

Thanks to the numerous culinary shows, avocados are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient, which is why the number of patients continues to grow. This phenomenon even got its name from the surgeons – “avocado hand”, which can be translated as “avocado hand”.

Injuries most often occur at the time of cleansing the fruit and separating the pulp from the stone. Avocados easily slip out of hands, and an unusually hard bone creates a contrast between it and the flesh, which causes the knife blade to break, causing injuries.

The epidemic of avocado of the hands is so great that one of the famous British surgeons Simon Eccles proposes to stick a warning sign for each fruit about the need for safety during cleaning and cutting.
It’s interesting: is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? Biology adheres to the first option: the avocado grows on a tree, and its fleshy flesh surrounds a solid bone, which is typical for fruits of fruit trees. The only thing that strongly distinguishes avocado among other fruits is the extremely low content of sugar in the pulp.

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