Classics never grow old

Classic shoes. Just black shoes that you can wear with a suit or jeans. Without excess pomposity. Modest and tasteful.

Since they are talking about them – jeans. Winter with a fleece (it is unlikely that there are fans of such an intimate part of the wardrobe, as underpants). Demi-season and summer. It is desirable for two copies. For winter and spring – darker shades: blue, brown, black, for the summer combination of dark and light colors.
T-shirt. 3-5 T-shirts every man must have. Quality, non-catchy, monochrome, “standard” shades: white, gray, black, blue.
Jumper. Keep a couple of these sweaters in the closet. It is desirable to have confident dark tones, with a round or V-neck. They will be in harmony with both trousers and jeans.

Next – your fantasy, passion for any style, color, multigeroyu and the like. The main thing is to have the basic set mentioned above. Remember, clothes should be beautiful, neat, clean and suitable for you, not a well-known actor or that handsome from the online store.

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