General tips when it comes to interview and Clothing

Advertising, creative sectors:
Anything but boring average. As long as the clothing is wrinkle-free and clean, the creative sectors tolerated outlandish outfit creations. Striking patterns, denim jackets and sweatshirts may to the interview. but tennis socks for dark trousers or too much cleavage are always and everywhere taboo.
dressed Attractive: tips for a winning outfit in interview

Washed, ironed, maintained: Whether man or woman, the clothing for the interview must meet these requirements. They are uncertain when it comes to dress code? Then you dress for the next job interview in doubt to send as too casual.

Tips for women:
Tights under the skirt are a must. Spare pair not forget!
Less is more: A discreet makeup, nail polish and discrete selected jewels are in interview appropriate. Particularly stylish: color-coordinated accessories.
Not show too much cleavage.

Shoes: Open shoes, such as flip-flops or sandals are taboo in the interview. Women choose their feel-good heel height.
Color: Dark Blue is the ideal business color, with gray or brown, you are well advised. Add to this blouse or shirt in white or a pastel shade. Combine but no more than three colors and two patterns.
Body Decorations: Never cover if possible tattoos and remove facial piercings.

* In the present text, the masculine form is used throughout. For the purposes of the Equal Treatment Act, these terms are to be regarded as not gender specific.