One-year-old toys for developing creative skills

It is useful to go on special rugs, they are considered an excellent flat feet prevention.

To develop color-perception games with colored toys – cubes, pyramids, multi-color sorting will do.

Playing with plasticine, drawing with watercolor, fingers, the foundation of the creative skills required in the future is laid. Plasticine is better to choose the softer one, so the baby can easily work with it. At this age, shaping is limited to rolling sausages and chunks of carving. You can also try applying plaster stains on paper. For modeling, a plastic dough is also suitable.

For drawing, it is best to choose watercolors and finger paints, wax pencils, markers, pencils. In the drawing process, you can study colors, shapes and even letters. Do not follow the precision and limit the child’s gusts. At this age there is a knowledge of the properties of the objects. Only after we understand this, children engage in creativity. If there are fears about purity of clothes, then you can wear special aprons.
Children’s toys for children aged 1 year

He develops plotting and logic play with his finger, where the adult narrates while illustrating the story with the appropriate characters.

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