Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Interview with Andrea Voßhoff, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) 2016 independent supreme federal authority since January 1. At first this sounds after a formality – the significance of this change of status?
The status change is the BfDI – comparable to the Federal Court – YTD completely independent. The authority of the Federal Minister of the Interior ended as well as the legal supervision of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. In future the BfDI is therefore only responsible to parliament and its decisions are subject to judicial review. The legislature has made it clear with this reform and the associated in this context, additional staff expressed the importance of a strong and independent data protection supervision at the federal level.
On 28 January, the European Data Protection Day. To what extent European cooperation in data protection is important and how does Germany register?

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For the protection of intellectual property

Notice: For the protection of intellectual property

The question of data and idea protection has become even more urgent with digitization. Germany, which the subject attaches great importance and since 1978 has a Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, is also internationally committed to strengthen data protection.
Cyber ​​Politics: For a digital agenda

Digitalization makes the world become even more unified. You changed economic and socio-political processes and raises entirely new questions of law, security and informational self-determination. Germany has set itself the task of consciously shaping this development. The European and international integration of the “Digital Agenda” is part of the cyber foreign policy of the Federal Government.

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Boom your bike

Markus Lewe rides his bike to work. Every day, in all weathers. So far nothing special that will make many people now in Germany. But Markus Lewe’s mayor, has to represent, has tens of official events on the day. This too is not a problem. For Markus Lewe is the mayor of Münster, the bicycle capital of Germany. The 300-000-inhabitant city has twice as many bicycles as citizens. Markus Lewe has even four: a road bike, a folding bike, a city bike and a touring bike. The official channels he denies the wheel. Because that is simply more practical. Münster is manageable in size, located in the plains and the cycling infrastructure is in any other German city better developed than in the Westphalian university town. On the car-free ring around the city have cyclists and cyclists free ride. You to the center quickly. And the bicycle station at the main station, the largest in Germany, provides 3500 secure parking spaces – including workshop service, bicycle hire and car wash. “Today in Münster 39 percent of roads are handled with the wheel,” said Lewe proud “only 33 percent with the CAR.”
Münster is the trendsetter of a development that is currently observed in Germany. The people to rise from the CAR to the bicycle. This is not only healthier, greener and cheaper, it is often faster. Because especially in the towns you come by bike better from A to B. After the last major bicycle monitor the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT 2013 already go 35 percent of respondents with a bike to work or training center, more use the wheel for purchases and short errands , With increasing spatial size the intensity of use of the car decreases, so the bike monitor. This is particularly evident in BERLIN. There above average forego many people in the CAR and are by public transport and just enjoying the countryside. Also Bundestag as Hans-Christian Ströbele ride the bike from the apartment to the nearby government quarter. In Frankfurt bankers and consultants will cycle along the Main river to the city. And in Cologne is even the Archbishop Rainer Woelki, from time to time to see on a bike – “if I do not have to occur in the cassock.” The example Münster radiates internationally. Representatives from London and New York have already informed in Westphalia, as a “cycling city” works. Not only their cities are facing a gridlock. Any other reason the Frenchman Christian Prudhomme was in Münster. The director of the Tour de France is thinking about a stage or the prelude to the most famous bicycle race in the world in Münster.

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Fitness Tracker: helpful or harmful?

Almost every third person in Germany now uses so-called fitness tracker for recording health values. This is the result of a representative survey of the IT industry association Bitkom. The most common values ​​are measured body temperature (99 percent of users), body weight (75 percent), number of previous steps (62 percent) and the distance (57 percent). According to the survey FAIRS but also 31 percent of all respondents have their blood pressure using a conventional instrument, in the age group from 65 years even 60 percent. “The greatest potential of wearables is future in the prevention of disease and in the treatment of patients,” says Bitkom CEO Dr. Bernhard Rohleder.
Cheaper fare against health data?

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The nominees for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize

Nominee, publishers, readers and media representatives are curious: Who will receive this year to 60,000 EURO doped Leipzig Book Fair Prize in 2016? A jury has selected from 401 works 15 outstanding and very different new releases. The authors or translators in the categories fiction, non-fiction / essays and translation for the prestigious award nominee, awarded on March 17, 2016 Setting the Leipzig Book Fair.
The nominated Fiction items

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learn tips for German

In everyday life, you come to Germany mostly along well in English. but on the job and in studying German language skills are often expected. The most important addresses for German learners.
German courses at the Goethe-Institut
Culture, language and information about Germany to convey to the world the 160 Goethe Institutes. The multilingual website lists a wide range of German courses offered anywhere in the world. Even online courses can prove German learners. Some of the German courses teach the grammar of the German language. In other courses you learn about the pronunciation of German words or jargon of fields such as business, medicine, biology, technology and nature. Who already speaks a little German, can test their language skills in a playful – the Goethe Institute provides online Memory on.
Online Language Courses

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Ferrari 488

Precious tuner Mansory has a Ferrari 488 GTB inflated powerful for the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show 2016: the future brings the Italians whopping 790 horsepower to the asphalt and racing in 2.9 seconds from zero to 100th
The improved performance is achieved by an optimized engine management and a specially tuned exhaust system. During the sprint to highway speed of souped Ferrari the 670 hp production model depends 488 GTB from a tenth of a second. In the forefront of tuning Bolide 341 kph eleven km / h faster. Thus, the Italo-athletes not to lose traction, lowering springs are installed, let the racer crouch 20 millimeters closer to the road.

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Bugatti Chiron

Even now leaves the recently introduced Bugatti Chiron appraised as convertible version: RM CarDesign shows a first rendering of the Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport Roadster.

The Bugatti Chiron was one of the major stars of the Geneva Motor Show: The 1,500 horsepower vehicle should establish not only new records in terms of performance, the predecessor Veyron looks next to the new car of precious forge from France rather old. As a roadster version of the new Hyper Cars might look, however, now shows a first rendering of the Dutch pixel artist Remco Meulendijk of RM CarDesign.

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Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

A Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider came at this year’s auction of Gooding & Company on Amelia Iceland for a mere $ 17.1 million under the hammer. A steep price, while a record.

The Italian was not only by far the most expensive item at the event, but also the most valuable in the history of the “Concours d’Elegance” in Amelia Iceland. Under the Oldtimer meeting in California auction large auction houses such as Sotheby’s RM and Gooding & Company annually coveted collectibles. The star of the weekend is a bright red Ferrari from 1961. The Italian, with its $ 17.1 million, well above the average selling price of $ 437,000.

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