Perfect couple. Rules for choosing suitable shoes

Even superfashionable and expensive shoes or boots can be very disappointing if they are uncomfortable. The most harmless issues that mistaken shoes can deliver are grain. Alas, more often than not, this business is not limited. If you still use unsuitable shoes, deteriorate the hallway, posture, there are problems with the spine.

Pay particular attention to the following parameters when purchasing:

Each of us has the size of one foot a little bigger. Therefore, it is so important to put on both shoes and not be lazy and rather to walk around the changing room. You should feel the toe but not rest against it with your fingers. And surely do not feel pain. Be sure to sweep your hand over the toe on the shoe, your fingers should not bend with tubercles.

The toe and the back
They must stay fit. Press them firmly and release. On the surface of shoes there should be no pants.

Stability of the sole
This is especially true when choosing shoes with heels. Press the elevator. If the heel goes back, refuses to buy. In the process of wearing the heels of this couple, begins to live an independent life and eventually fall.

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