sectional gate guides

This type of gate consists of separate sections that move along the guides and hide under the ceiling.

They lift and turn gates and save space.
The sections of such gates are ordinary sandwich panels which have low thermal conductivity and are therefore recommended to be installed in non-heated garages.

If individual portions of such a structure have been inadvertently damaged during operation, they can be easily repaired by replacing them with new ones.
An additional gate is often installed in the sectional door.
The only drawback is that they limit the garage height somewhat.

Roller shutters are equipped as standard, for the rest it has to be acquired additionally.
The electric drive works almost silently, it is equipped with batteries so that it is not dependent on the power supply.
Along with the drive, it is necessary to buy a remote control system for gates that allows you to open the gate without leaving the car, which is very convenient for bad weather and also for safety reasons.

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