Should I hire a tutor? reasons for

Few think about the fact that private tutoring is a very ancient practice. Surely, every student of philosophy knows that Socrates was the tutor of Plato, who in turn taught Aristotle, and Aristotle was the teacher of the young Alexander of Macedon. From the quotation of the emperor philosopher Marcus Aurelius it is obvious that the Romans also appreciated private learning, like the Greeks. For many centuries tutoring is the most effective way to support the child’s education, attracting not only an academic specialist, but also a mentor and role model in one person.

Definitely, today tutoring is also popular, like two millennia ago. According to various sources, about a quarter of UK children study with tutors at any stage of their education.

Most children use tutoring services on the eve of important tests or entrance examinations to schools and universities, as well as GCSE and A Levels final exams. Despite such data, criticism of tutoring is enough. Many parents will think about why they need to invest even more in individual education, when they are already spending enough money on expensive private schools.

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