Varieties of false ceilings and materials used to carry them out

Today ceilings surprising diversity. Some are able to make the room bright and airy, others effectively emphasize its best side, others are masterpieces of design. Particularly original and functional design of the suspension type. Next, we will explain what types of false ceilings exist and are used in modern homes.

Of all types of suspended ceilings it is this, perhaps the most popular. They can be made from a thin film of PVC or fabric cloth, a cut very accurately the size of the premises and tightly stretched on the frame. If the material is opaque, the ceiling is reminiscent of classic painted or whitewashed. Satin has the effect of glare and iridescent surface, and lacquer ceiling allows you to see the reflection of the room, increasing the space. Metallic fabric looks futuristic and suede – mysteriously.

PVC fabric have a standard width of 1.5 meters, so large areas of their carefully sealed. Textile fabric does not require a connection, as it has a width of up to 5 m. When mounting think over the future of lighting. To create the effect of twinkling stars light engine can be integrated with a let down fiber-optic cable.

Stretch design earned the love of the consumer. After all, they are very beautiful, and you can make them completely to your liking. Different shades, patterns, textures, photo printing – all this creates a rich choice. Installation of the ceiling is fast and smooth, and the care they require almost no. And like all legendary waterproof PVC canvases. That’s just the price of these products is still a tall, unfortunately.

Stretch ceiling

Describing the types of suspended ceilings and the materials used for their performance, worth a stop on this design. In this case, the perimeter of the ceiling plasterboard mounted box, inside which is an insertion of a stretched film or fabric. Dimensions of the box can be anything – it depends on the characteristics of the particular premises and goals. If you need to, for example, visually raise the ceiling, emphasizing the taut canvas, hand boxes do fine.

You can make a hole in the box is not rectangular, and circular or oval. In this case, good is the ceiling “starry sky”. Optimally box used at room height up to 2.5 m Another option -. In the middle of a stretch ceiling is a “pill” of plasterboard. Here you can set a beautiful chandelier.